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Scams related to investment and finances have become very common, so we prepared a series of questions and answers based on the concerns of our clients. Below you can clarify some of the doubts you have in your mind based on area of our competence.

Definitely we can provide you the assistance on international level and put you in touch with the best specialists.

I am from an entrepreneurial family, coming from Switzerland, all started when I suffered from a scam and I didn’t  know how to make a complaint or how to recover my money, when I felt lost I was looking for advice through lawyers who were only taking my money without giving me a solution. Even so after years of struggle I did not give up, and obtained great deal of knowledge on the subject.

With true experts and right people

I was able to recover my capital after a long time. That is when in my mind appeared an idea, that if in past I would have had the knowledge that I have now, how to deal with financial fraud cases, it would not have taken me so long to recover my money. For this reason, I decided to develop this idea to be a contributor who will give the solution to your scam related problems.

First of all, you should go to our register form, fill in your data, define what languages you speak and what is your level of English. All this information we will transfer to one of our advisors, so that he can listen to your case and transfer you to the proper specialist. 

My greatest experience was my personal experience, that is why we can provide you the best help.

That is a big lie, and you should never think that the money can be made so easily, it doesn’t work like this. Such a proposal is a first sign that indicates that the company is not real.

First of all, you have to verify who made you the damage and where the responsible is located, with this we will proceed to assigning you the best specialists.

First do not enter into a violencemood, you should take don’t attempt any kind of action without any legal expert.

Yes, of course, but it will depend on several factors, where you are and who caused you harm.

When needed you can enter a period of legality verification and quality reviews.

The charges depend on the country where the responsible is located.

Is it possible to recover a bitcoin?

Based on our experience it is possible, this will depend on the payment system you used. Currently there are many security systems and restrictions to manage transfers by bitcoin, that is why it is consolidating as a secure payment system, but it will take time until they proceed to regulate it in several countries. In order not to lose their prestige as a currency in the market, they must deliver the relevant security system, to which several experts join to manage the recovery.

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