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Our history

Justice Is Not A Privilege, It Is A Right

This is how we became the Avery Dennison Consulting

A problem

Our company was born when Avery Dennison invested with a Leading Broker and got into big problems. As it often happens, broker refused to return her money and even threatened with a court.

Confused, with a lot of questions on her mind and need to find the answers to her doubts, she had to constantly look for consultation with lawyers, most of which had a high cost or were not able to help at.

The solution

Lawyers who at the moment couldn’t do anything because of not being specialists in subject, were charging for the service without giving any solution. Unaware in this are and without knowing how to get her money back, she decided to find a solution at any cost. 

Avery comes from an entrepreneurial family, she found the best specialists, and eventually decided to share her help through specialised website that provides advice on such cases. Via this source she got in touch with other affected people, and provided them support to help and prevent others to repeat her history. That is how Avery Dennison Consulting was born.

How it works?

Your time is valuable. No more waiting rooms or enormous hourly rates.

The best Law Firms, Stock Brokers and Financial Specialists, supported by official regulators and Dennison Assistance.


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All experts must pass our precise 3-step expert quality process.


Our experts have recognized certifications in their working area and years of experience working in particular specialty


Only regulated and authorized companies can be reviewed


Clients share their experiences by scoring towards the experts in charge of their case

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Find the best specialist for your case with us. You have a problem and do not know who to trust it? We provide financial advice, contact with our lawyers that will help you to recover investments in the stock market, Forex, Bitcoin, etc.

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